Furniture Upholstery

At Artistic Upholstery and Restoration, LLC, we believe in helping clients bring their unique durable upholstery ideas to life. From chairs to sofas to ottoman and much more, we’re passionate about partnering with industry professionals ranging from designers to hotels and restaurant owners and homeowners who share the same vision as us. That’s why we’re always eager to take on furniture upholstery fabric online.

We’re always proud of our collaboration with clients to hand-select materials and implement their design objectives to serve them best. When you hire us, you’re guaranteed to receive professional services integrated with excellent artistry within your timeframe and budget

Custom Furniture Built

We create unique, perfectly fit, and exceptional custom-built furniture for a cozy and comfortable environment as per clients’ specifications. Our experience, creativity, and innovation help us visualize your desired custom furniture goals to transform your vision into reality.

At Artistic Upholstery and Restoration, LLC, we’re the preferred choice for all your cabinet custom-designed and creative furniture solutions serving the Seattle Area and Eastside for almost three decades. Our industry-leading expertise ensures the prestige and precision you expect from a build custom furniture project. Each furniture piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail using high-quality materials and specialty fabrics.

Wood Restoration

It is important to keep your customised wooden furniture protected from damages as well as wear and tear with furniture repair and restoration services. The expert craftsmen at Artistic Upholstery Restoration provide furniture restoration and repair services and can restore as well refinish your hardwood custom furniture, antique furniture, leather furniture, and kitchen cabinets effectively to save you hundreds of dollars on replacing your furniture. Our experts have an immaculate level of skills to restore all your wooden furniture seamlessly.

At Artistic Upholstery and Restoration, LLC, we believe that wood restoration must be performed only by professionals due to the precision needed. Letting us take care of your wood furniture needs is the way for you to attain premier results in restoring your valuable possessions’ beauty.

Refinishing & Repair

Gradually, even the best piece of furniture begins to start wearing and tearing. Rather than throwing them, bring your precious investments such as a couch, sofa, chair, or other items to us at Artistic Upholstery & Restoration, LLC. Our refinishing and repair services are available to all clients with high-quality work and competitive pricing.

We help you revive your existing furniture and upgrade the look and feel of outdated or worn-out items with our full-scale refinishing vintage furniture and repair, as well as for any destructed or damaged surfaces. Our refinishing strengthens the structure while restoring a flawless appearance.

Kitchen & Door Refinishing

Our proficiency in traditional and modern refinishing techniques enhances the appearance and value of your kitchen and doors. At Artistic Upholstery & Refinishing, LLC, we have the perfect solution for your requirements and deliver modern and updated services much quicker and in the maximum quality. With our dedicated on-site services, our professionals come into your home and cover your house with premium-grade plastic while protecting your house from overspray and all kind of fumes.

Also, we have a portable negative air-scrubber to protect you and your loved ones from fumes and other hazards. Your family’s safety and health are our number one priority for all our restoration and refinishing services. For further protection, when we remove your front doors for refinishing purposes, we board-up your entrances with security boards while working on the removed door in our shop.

We take the stress out of the refinishing process and do what we do best: satisfy our customers. Whether you’re thinking of custom creative furniture a high-end kitchen and door in an individual home or commercial space, we complete your project with perfection combined with a touch of elegance and a new dimension to your space.

Custom Bench/Booth Seating

Are you planning to create a new cool space for relaxation? At Artistic Upholstery & Restoration, LLC, we’re ready to help with everything from creating one new seat complementing the rest to executing a full custom booth furniture.

From leather or wooden to weather-resistant or vinyl benches and booths and everything in between, we’re here to solve all your interior and exterior seating needs. Our durable furniture results will help you comfortably and seamlessly accommodate your guests while bringing your seating ideas to life.

At Artistic Upholstery & Restoration, LLC, we work closely with our clients to design and produce custom bench and custom booth seating that fit our clients’ exclusive space and ambiance requirements. With our reputation as a trusted furniture solution provider, we ensure the finished product is installed safely and hassle-free on-site at your location.

Cushions & Pillows

Style and comfort combined, our Affordable cushion pillow set breathe life into your furniture and space. Any color, any design, our large selection, and with the maximum quality standards and best-in-class service, there’s nothing we can’t make for you! Whether for office or home, we have the ideal item to accentuate your style and provide you with the ultimate comfort.

At Artistic Upholstery & Restoration, LLC, we provide an array of the best custom cushions and pillows to create a fun and cozy environment for you. We also feature products created by us that will help you create a beautiful ambiance for indoors or outdoors that you’ll cherish for years, offering attractive options to boost your decor.

Window Treatments

At Artistic Upholstery & Restoration, LLC, we cover or modify your style window treatments to enhance the aesthetics of your space. Our goal is to offer the absolute uppermost quality care for your custom window treatment to guarantee a stress-free time for a longer period.

Whether you’re in search of shades, blinds, panels, shutters, curtains, or drapes, we have a stunning collection of windows that transforms a room instantly. In contemporary prints, a variety of colors, and a range of fabrics, we have just what you want to coordinate with your existing décor.